Granny Panties

Every time. Man, I must be really scary in the mornings.
My target demographic is totally off. Aiming for 20-45 year olds, attracting below 5 year olds. There goes my romantic life.
Getting ripped. It usually takes more than a few weeks.
Fave insults this year, so far.
Gendered colours, wrappers, gifts, basically pushing gender roles down everyone’s throats as early as possible.
I’m not a fan of this practice.

Good times, good times. :D

Khiiitos! Silmät taitaa olla vähän liiotellut. :D

Was feeling particularly annoyed with everything today, so I thought maybe selfies might help. And they did. I mades a little collage. ^_^

Being whiny because I haven’t gotten my own stuff done.

Also: huzzah for inventive mythical creature pron!

I guess the scarf might have been a little dirty.